Computers- Mr Daniels

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Computers- Mr Daniels by Mind Map: Computers- Mr Daniels

1. What I have learnt

1.1. Tools on the internet

1.2. movie making

1.3. business planning

1.4. webpages

2. Craeting our own business

2.1. I was in a group of four

2.2. We planned a business for an underage nightclub in Dubai

2.3. We had good idea but did not have enough knowledge about finance

2.4. I got a C in the first semester

3. Virtual reality movie

3.1. This was my favourite project beacuse I could work on it at home without the internet

3.2. I learnt how to do screen graps and how to use windows movie maker

3.3. I have seen used the program to make a movie of picture for my friends

4. Web page

4.1. I have learnt how to use mindmeisters

4.2. It has helped me prepare for my upcoming exam

4.3. I can do the webpage at home and copy past it to the site

5. All year

5.1. We have been doing quizzes

5.2. Different activities that help bring your mark up

5.3. My favourite was the family tree because i learnt what jobs my relatives do