The Electronic Learning Community

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The Electronic Learning Community by Mind Map: The Electronic Learning Community

1. Time Management

1.1. Instructor Strategies

1.1.1. Set clear deadline dates

1.1.2. Organize in a clear manner by tasks

1.1.3. Allow plenty of time for discussions to occur

1.2. Student Strategies

1.2.1. Divide time into tasks Set Priorities Set Timelines by Deadlines

1.2.2. Formulate responses outside of the learning system Initial work prepared in a word processor

1.3. Lessons Learned

1.3.1. Instructor Start with the end in mind Develop activities by tasks Stay current with technology Monitor courses daily

1.3.2. Student Review all activities and set timelines Stay on track - don't get behind Participate daily

1.4. Online Video - Secret Powers of Time

2. What tools are available for electronic learning?

3. What support needs to be available for online students?

4. How does Online learning differ from the Traditional classroom?

4.1. What is the Hybrid process and how is that different from Online and Traditional?

4.2. Initial Challenges Discussion

4.3. e-Laernaing Challenges in the 21st Century

5. What is the Instructor's role to facilitate the development of the online community?

5.1. e-Learning Challenges Discussion

5.2. Learning Styles Discussion

5.3. 21st Century Educators Discussion

5.4. Faculty Perceptions Study

5.5. Learne-centered Tips

6. What services need to be available for online students?

7. What is the electronic learning community?

7.1. Digital Divde Discussion

7.2. Benefits of e-Learning Discussion

8. References

9. All Information on the left is under development