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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My parents: They are business owners so I could either find work at their business or they could possibly notify me of any job opportunities that they hear are available.

2. My friends Mariel and Brooke: They both work at A&W, so they could recommend me and help me find work there. They could also help me learn things about the food service industry.

3. My music teachers: They work with KCMS which has connections to many other musical educators in the community. This means that they can notify me of any clinics, festivals, or other opportunities to learn.

4. Counselor: I could talk to a counselor at KSS to explore post-secondary requirements and possible internships/job opportunities for fields that I am interested in.

5. My sister's orthodontists: They can provide me with information regarding the dentistry field and the office could be a potential job shadow opportunity.

6. Art Gallery Instructors: Because I have an interest in art, they could refer me to local art workshop possibilities or exhibitions that I can draw inspiration from. The Art Gallery can also be another workplace that I could have a job shadow at.

7. Kumon Instructor Susan Earl: Kumon is a tutoring service that I have attended for a while. She is in charge of everything there, so I could volunteer or even get a job at Kumon. This would be beneficial as I was considering education/tutoring as a prospective career field.

8. Lawyers: Because I am considering a career in law, it would make sense to talk to someone in that line of work. We could discuss the educational requirements and what I can expect on my path to becoming a lawyer. If possible, I may be able to get a job shadow at the court as well.

9. Mr. Bakker, Homeroom Teacher: Mr. Bakker teaches the Law course at KSS, so I could ask him about the basics of Law and where I can start in terms of finding programs in post-secondary schools.

10. My friend Elana: She works at Mountain Warehouse, so if any positions become available, she can let me know. I could also learn a thing or two from her about working in retail.

11. Regular customers at my parents' business: Their careers can range from being business owners themselves to being employees to the City of Kelowna. Sometimes they talk about their jobs, so I could converse with them and learn about more potential occupations and what the job entails. They may even know of places hiring around town.

12. Close friends of my family: They have owned numerous types of businesses, including convenience stores and restaurants. I could talk to them about what it is like to be self-employed and explore business as a career option.

13. Mr. Strachan, Physics Teacher: I have always enjoyed physics, and Mr. Strachan knows everything on that topic. He has also provided on many occasions chances to listen to lectures on both physics itself and also about careers in physics, so through him I can gain access to these learning opportunities.

14. Family doctor: I have considered having a profession in the medical field, so I could ask my doctor about their journey through medical school and further details about their job.

15. Relatives: I have a handful of relatives who work in importing and exporting items internationally. It would definitely be interesting to learn about that industry and also about their experiences in working with people from allover the world, as I am very interested in having a career involving travel.