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Module 3: Developing Rubrics by Mind Map: Module 3:  Developing
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Module 3: Developing Rubrics

Learning Goal: Participants will create a valid standards based rubric.

Participants will be familiar with a published set of standards

Participants will create a 4 point valid rubric

Participants will develop a scoring sheet

Module 3.1

Finding appropriate standards

State Standards Link

National Standards Link

What a student should know and be able to do

Readings/Web, McTighe, Marzano

Recommendations for developing rubrics


Discussion board posting

Discussion board rubric 3.1

Reply to two classmates

Post by Day 3

Module 3.2

What is a valid rubric?

Providing options for Exceeding the Standard


Steps for Creating a Rubric

Creating Rubrics

Rubrics for Assessment

Module 3.3

Developing a scoring sheet


Columnar spreadsheet

Try out a scoring rubric

Other ideas?

Rubric Templates

Instructor designed Word doc


Kathy Schrock's list of Rubrics


Post rubric for at least one standard

Rubric for rubric 3.3

Provide feedback to one classmate

Post by end of Module 3