Animal Kingdom

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Animal Kingdom by Mind Map: Animal Kingdom

1. Reptiles

1.1. Crocodilia: families of alligators and ghalia

1.1.1. Examples: Crocodiles and Alligators

1.2. Squamata: families of lizards and snakes

1.2.1. Examples: Geckos and Constrictors

1.3. Testudines: families of turtles

1.3.1. Examples: Snapping Turtle and Gopher Tortoius

2. Birds

2.1. Flightless: those that cannot fly

2.1.1. Examples: Penguins and Ostritches

2.2. Night: those that are nocturnal

2.2.1. Examples: Owls and Oilbirds

2.3. Birds of Prey: those that are known for fierce hunting

2.3.1. Examples: Eagles and Hawks

2.4. Song: those that "sing"

2.4.1. Examples: Hummingbirds and Sparrows

2.5. Water: those that primarily live on water

2.5.1. Examples: Ducks and Swans

2.6. Game: those that are known for being hunted for their meat

2.6.1. Examples: Turkeys and Quail

2.7. Tropical: those that live in the Rainforest

2.7.1. Examples: Cockatoos and Parrots

3. Amphibians

3.1. Anura: those that lack tails

3.1.1. Examples: Frogs and Toads

3.2. Caudata: those that have tails

3.2.1. Examples: Newts and Salamandors

3.3. Gymnophonia: those that are worm-like

3.3.1. Example: Caecilians

4. Mammals

4.1. Monotremes: give birth through eggs

4.1.1. Examples: Echidna and Platypus

4.2. Marsupials: give birth in a pouch

4.2.1. Examples: Kangaroo and Oppossum

4.3. Placental: give birth through placenta

4.3.1. Examples: Whales and Elephants

5. Fish

5.1. Jawless: fish that does not have jaws

5.1.1. Examples: Hagfish and Lamprey

5.2. Cartilaginous: fish that have cartilage

5.2.1. Examples: Shark and Stingray

5.3. Bony: fish that have a skeleton

5.3.1. Examples: Salmon and Sea Horse