Critical Review on 'Pros and Cons of Social Networking Sites Prepared by : BH

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Critical Review on 'Pros and Cons of Social Networking Sites Prepared by : BH by Mind Map: Critical Review on 'Pros and Cons of Social Networking Sites Prepared by : BH

1. Introductory Paragraph

1.1. The article entitled ‘ What are the pros and cons of social networking sites? ’ by Strickland,J. , discusses the advantages and disadvantages of social networks.

1.1.1. Pros Users can make connections with other people. They can also use these sites to network professionally. Social networks make it easier to organize events and invite friends. These sites can be used to promote an artiste’s or actor’s work. They also act as application platforms. Social networking may even get a person out of jail.

1.1.2. Cons Social networks give unscrupulous people the chance to spam or commit identity theft Scammers use social networks to trick people into downloading malicious software. People can also get addicted to social networks.

2. Body Paragraph 1

2.1. I agree the statement that social networking sites can be used to promote an artiste's or actor's work

2.1.1. This is because social networking sites have the capability to spread information throughout the world in just a few minutes.

2.1.2. As an actor or artist, you can be cast for more roles or build your own audience by showing off your talent through social networking sites, thus social media can help them fulfill their goals.

2.1.3. Medavoy.B. (2018), purposes that “Social media has become such an integral part of how we live and communicate that actors can cultivate their own audiences and communicate with their fans directly.”

3. Body Pargraph 2

3.1. I find the statement that scammers use networking sites to trick people into downloading malicious software to be true.

3.1.1. Nowadays, some people use social networks to deceive people as they find it entertaining. They do this by creating and spreading malicious software to people all around the world. These malicious software are very dangerous and may be fatal.

3.1.2. For example, the blue whale challenge that has been rumored to have brought death to the people who participate in the challenge unknowingly.

3.1.3. According to Rossow.A. (2018), when the victim starts the challenge, the platform they are using (device and internet browser) are supposedly infected with malware and viruses that the administrator places on there. Believing the malware to be infected, the victims are held hostage with hopes their information and photos are not publicly released.

4. Body Paragraph 3

4.1. I disagree with the statement that social networking can get a person out of jail.

4.1.1. Nowadays social networking sites are very influential in this modern world. However, I do not think social networks have enough influence to prevent authorities from carrying out their duties.

4.1.2. Based on the news of a American graduate student, James Karl Buck, he seems to have got out of jail by using twitter. However, I believe this is not true as his acquaintance Maree, an Egyptian, who was his translator, was not able to get out of jail. Therefore, it can be interpreted that James only got out of jail due to his American nationality.

4.1.3. Mallory,S. (2008) states that, although the Twitter message helped James find contacts to get out of prison, he says it was more the power of the network he had as an American that enabled him to be released so quickly.

5. References

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6. Conclusion Paragraph

6.1. In a nutshell, the pros of social networking sites far outnumber their cons. Thus, it shows that social networks should not be inhibited and everyone should be able to use social medias freely but safely..