Organise a SALT Training

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Organise a SALT Training by Mind Map: Organise a SALT Training

1. The essence of a SALT training

1.1. What's the essence of SALT for practitionners around the world?

1.2. What make us human? Youtube channel

2. Possible training formats

2.1. Online SALT Programme presentation (pdf EN and FR)

3. From dream to training - making it happen

3.1. Communicate about the event

3.1.1. Inspire and share about SALT and its impact The Constellation "who are we?" presentation (PDF Fr and EN)

3.1.2. Make noise around your event Training offer presentations Training presentation for a partnership Invitation examples Belgian invitations French invitation (EN) Dutch invitation

3.2. Gather needed ressources

3.2.1. The venue of your event

3.2.2. The facilitation team

3.2.3. Budget your event

3.2.4. Mobilise communities for the SALT visit

4. Facilitation of the training

4.1. Get prepared

4.1.1. Know your audience

4.1.2. Process outline and facilitation roles Programme outline Template Examples of process outlines for a 3-day training Process outline of a 3-day training in Belgium Examples of process outlines for a 5-6-day training Process outline of a 5-day training in Pakistan Process outline of a 6-day training in Mayotte (French island) Process outline of a 5-day training in Liberia Toolbox Constellation tool box Other resources and tools for collective thinking

4.1.3. Team preparation

4.1.4. Space preparation

4.2. The non-negotiable steps

4.3. Tips and tricks of seasoned facilitators

5. Learning from the event

5.1. Why, what and how to document my experience?

5.2. After Experience Reflection

5.3. Where to share our learning?

5.3.1. Ning - Online community

5.3.2. How to share ?

5.3.3. How to post your video?

5.4. Follow up and nurturing trainees

5.4.1. Self-assessement for facilitators (template)