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Weather by Mind Map: Weather

1. Social Studies- Identify what parts of the map have what kind of weather typically. Also what sort of clothes and items do you need for each kind of weather.

2. Science- Create a cloud ina bottle. Keep a weather journal tracking what the weather is like over a 2 week period.

3. Literacy- Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs

3.1. Writing- If it could rain anything what would you want it to rain? Go through writing process. What do you see in the clouds?

3.2. Reading/Books:Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, Looks Like Spilt Milk,

3.3. Spelling- Weather related words as wells as vocab words from the stories.

4. Math- Comparing, adding, and identifying temperature. Compare and graph how many days it has been sunny, breezy, cold, etc

5. Fine Arts

5.1. Music- Have students learn about the moods of songs. Tie these into the types of weather, rainy, stormy, sunny, cloudy. Students can also make a thunderstorm using different instruments.

5.2. Physical Education- Students do weather relays. Raining (jumping), Windy (Sprint), Breezy (jog), Sunny (walk).

5.3. Art- create weather scenes with paint. They can also use different texture items to create different parts of their scene.