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Professional Learning Network by Mind Map: Professional Learning Network

1. I love Padlet. It is a great resource to store information. I debated on making a Padlet for this assignment, but decided on making a mindmap.

1.1. It is easy to store information and organize it in the way that you want.

1.1.1. you can also transform your Padlet into a PDF which I thought was cool.

2. Flipgrid

2.1. This website is amazing. It is a great resource to use to communicate with your students online, and it is a great way for students to communicate with each other.

2.1.1. It is a great way to hold discussions, and it does not scare the students who are shy because the videos are very short.

3. Think Map Visual Thesaurus

3.1. With this website, all you have to do is type in the word that you are interested in. Then, a mindmap pops up of synonyms, antonyms, along with what kind of word it is. It gives you examples of the word used in a sentence. It is a good source to use if you want to jazz up your works and it really goes into detail about numerous words.

4. My Math Playground

4.1. 4th Grade Math |

4.2. With this website, the teacher can choose what grade they want. Once you choose your grade, numerous games pop up. I really like these games because they interact with the students and they do not leave them high and dry when answer a question incorrectly. They give feedback to the students.

5. Cool Cat Teacher

5.1. 5 Ideas to Level Up Elementary Math with Technology

5.1.1. I really enjoyed this podcast website. What I enjoyed the most about it is that they are no longer than ten minutes. There are hundreds of episodes to listen to and they range from math activities to working on professional development. The episodes are also updated almost everyday.

6. The futures Channel


6.1.1. This website will be very beneficial when I am teaching a lesson that is difficult for the students to comprehend. When students struggle with new information, they resort to "what will I ever do with this information?" or "how will I ever use this skill?" This website has tons of videos based around out-of-the-box skills and activities. They feature people who have strange jobs and they try to influence the students to be themselves.



7.1.1. This website is very easy to use and you can generate a lesson plan in minutes. It is an extension that you download to your computer. When you come across a website that you want your students to look at, you can insert things like questions, youtube links, and flashcards from quizlet. You do this by highlighting the text, and then add on your extras. The students answer and have access to the other information on the same exact page.

8. Twitter

8.1. Twitter is a great way to communicate in discussions, and learn from other teachers. You can give advice and receive it. Twitter is full of teachers who want to share their input on teaching.

8.1.1. Here are some of the people I follow: Shelley Burgess, Beth Houf, Dave Burgess, Matt Miller, Alice Keeler, Joy Kirr, Tools for Teaching, Dr. Alec Couros, and Jennifer Gonzales, Teacher2Teacher, Apple Education, Student, Kasey Bell, Google for Education, and DepEd.

9. - the website builder

9.1. This is a good website to use if I wanted to create a website or blog for my students and their parents to follow. I can make my own, or I can choose a template that they have already created.

9.1.1. It is a good way to communicate wit parents, and I can update it with new information. I can post assignments on their, and the parents will be able to see them as well. And of course, this website can be used for other things besides education. Businesses use it as well to create their own website and even pamphlets.

10. Padlet

11. Youtube

11.1. There are so many videos on Youtube. I have created multiple lesson plans this semester, and I have incorporated Youtube in almost all of them.

11.1.1. The educational videos range from dances to get the wiggles out of the students to videos that help the students cite their papers correctly. You can find a video on almost any topic. If you come across a page that you really enjoy, or if their videos are very useful, you can subscribe to their page and then you will be able to see their most recent posts.

12. Pinterest

12.1. This website is great because there are so many ideas that you can use. I am not even a teacher yet and I already have my classroom layout planned out.

12.1.1. When you come across something that you want to remember you click the button that says "create a board" and then pin it to that board. You can create as many boards as you want. And of course, Pinterest has ideas on hundreds of other things besides education.

13. Quizlet

13.1. This is a great resource for the students to use when they are studying. With this website, the students can create flash cards, practice tests, they can play matching games, and they can work on spelling and writing.

14. WikiHow

14.1. With this source, all you have to do is search for something, and descriptions, videos, pictures, and graphs pop up.

14.1.1. This is a good source for the students if they ever have trouble when working on an assignment while at home. I could also use this when teaching a lesson. I could project the information on the board and reflect back to it once I make a statement.

15. Librivox

15.1. This is a free public domain source

15.1.1. This website has hundreds of free audio books. All you have to do is download one and then press play.

16. OER Commons

16.1. This resource is very beneficial for educators. You can search for lesson plans, videos, and activities to use in your classroom.

16.1.1. It also gives the specific standard that the lesson ties into. It makes it easier on the teacher and planning a lesson plant much more time efficient.