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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (2007) by Mind Map: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (2007)
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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (2007)

* Total Business School Credits (60) Students take 60 credits in the Business School, of which 36 credits is in the Business School Foundation (18 in the Lower Division and 18 in the Upper Division), 12 credits in the Major Core (Upper Division), and 12 credits of Electives, Internship and Independent Study (Upper Division).  There are four majors in the Major Core:  Entrepreneurship, Hospitality Management, International Business, and (Business) Management.  * General Education and General Electives (60) In addition, students take 30 credits in the General Education Core plus 31 credits of General Electives. * Integration of Ellis College Offerings Possible Ellis College online offerings that may duplicate or complement current SNC offerings are indicated in this document.  The challenge is how to blend face-to-face and online education in a "blended" manner.  We expect that some course will be offered entirely online from Ellis College but will be mentored or proctored by SNC faculty.  Other offerings will be a blend of FTF and online modes.  Particularly in Hospitality there are many special courses that cover Casino & Gaming, Food & Beverage, Resort Operations, Travel & Tourism.  * Important Notes At some point there will have to be a top- to-bottom renumbering and rationalization of the numbering system.  Course numbers have been kept from previous SNC courses with the following exceptions:  BLAW 160 is now an Upper Division course renumbered BLAW 360 INTB 417 is renumbered MGMT 417 In this version, the course descriptions have not been edited.  In some cases they must be heavily edited or entirely replaced. 

Entrepreneurship Major (24)

Core (12)

Electives (12)

Hospitality Management Major (24)

Core (12)

Electives (12)

International Business Major (24)

Core (12)

Electives (12)

Management Major (24)

Core (12)

Electives (12)

Business Foundation (36)

Lower Division (18)

Upper Division (18)

Physical Education (1)

SNC Core (29) plus Free Electives (31)

CORE 101 Ecopsychology (3)

CORE 201 Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability (3)

CORE 205/206 Environmental Systems (4)

CORE 301 Civilization (3)

CORE 400 Ethics (3)

ENGL 104 Writing (3)

MATH Math 101 or higher (3)

Studio Art (3)

HIST 301 U.S. History (3)