repairable vs nonrepairable system

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repairable vs nonrepairable system by Mind Map: repairable vs nonrepairable system


1.1. Definition

1.1.1. Probability that failure will not occur in the time period of interest

1.2. Comparison

1.2.1. Time to Failure MTBF Time to First Failure ROCOF/Failure Rate

1.2.2. Probability Availability

1.2.3. Maintainability Maintainability Downtime

1.2.4. Warranty Part/product replacement within warranty period

1.3. Example

1.3.1. Computer

1.3.2. Automobiles

1.3.3. Airplane

1.3.4. Software program


2.1. Definition

2.1.1. Survival probability over the time items expected life when only one failure can occur

2.2. Comparison

2.2.1. Time to Failure MTTF Time to First Failure Hazard Rate

2.2.2. Probability Reliability

2.2.3. Maintainability N/A

2.2.4. Warranty Product replacement within warranty period

2.3. Example

2.3.1. Light bulb

2.3.2. Element in an electric iron

2.3.3. Battery