LeanUXMachine, Information Architecture, Dana Cohen Baron

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LeanUXMachine, Information Architecture, Dana Cohen Baron by Mind Map: LeanUXMachine, Information Architecture, Dana Cohen Baron

1. Information Achitecture

1.1. Dona Spencer

2. What is it

2.1. sub-discipline of UX design

2.2. definition

2.2.1. art & science of organizing & labeling web sites in order to increase discovery, findability & access

2.3. "The web is clay..."

2.4. Information architects

2.4.1. take chaos & organize it

2.5. Provide the right information to the right people at the right time in the right structure

2.6. Be User-centric

2.6.1. understand your users

2.6.2. then design a product for them

3. Why is it important for you

3.1. When your IA/Usability is bad, users will just go to the next door

3.1.1. they've no tolerance

4. How can you start applying it

4.1. Think about what people need to do & design around that

4.2. Understand your users

4.2.1. characteristics, motivations, goals, demographics, mental models

4.2.2. get your personas right

4.3. Understand your business

4.3.1. prioritize features accordingly

4.4. Identify tasks

4.4.1. define user scenarios & flows example Etsy's Shop by color

4.5. Now organize & structue first

4.6. Technique

4.6.1. Card Sorting ask users to cluster categories or structure them ask users to place some category inside some structure or ask them to label stuff get their terminology right valuable

4.7. Great labels

4.7.1. correct name

4.7.2. simple & clear

4.7.3. consistency

4.7.4. use terms used by users

4.8. Test & test again

5. Resources

5.1. Card Sorting