Describing Learners

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Describing Learners by Mind Map: Describing Learners

1. Formation of learning

2. feature of good learning

3. Influence between teacher- student

4. Teaching practice in some countries

5. student development

6. Analityc- type learnes

7. The motivation is the most Important

8. the studentes will be interested in learning

9. With enough motivation

10. To attract the attention of student

11. Visual materials should be use

12. The classroom must be well arranged

13. The principal Motivation in classroom is the teacher

14. they have the kest attitude and enthusiasm for English

15. Thanks to this the students will have a better future

16. It´s essential

17. The tastes of people to ecourage then in their process

18. to define the motivation is necesary

19. This means that you were

20. when you try to do momething

21. thanks to motivation mony student learn different thingd

22. for example when they learn English

23. The actitude of students peers is also crucial

24. Learner differences

24.1. 1. Aptitude

24.1.1. Intelectual Ability

24.1.2. Behavior

24.2. 2. Good learner characteristics

24.2.1. Tolerance

24.2.2. Culture

24.2.3. High aspiration

24.2.4. Attitude

24.3. 3. Learner styles

24.3.1. Convergers Own abilities

24.3.2. Comformists Non-comunicative classrooms

24.3.3. Concrete learners Organisation and content is less complex Languages as a system

24.3.4. Communicative learners Social interaction

24.4. 4. Language levels

24.4.1. The plateau effect The progress is more subtle

24.4.2. Methodology

24.4.3. Language Use the language with materials

24.4.4. Topics No match topics to the level

24.5. 5. Individual Variations

24.5.1. Neuro- linguistic programming system to experience.

24.5.2. MI theory Learning is to be effective

25. People of diferents ages have diferent

25.1. 1. Needs

25.2. 2. Cognitive skills

25.3. 3. Competences

25.4. 4. How and what to teach?

25.4.1. Age Student is an individual with diferent experinces Describing learners

25.4.2. Children We will wnat the classroom be bringht and colourful We might expert them to be working in grops in the difrent parts of the classroom Children lern lenguages faster

25.4.3. Adolecent The mothodologist Penny Ur suggests Idenfity has to be forged among clasmete and Friends

25.4.4. Adult learners They may have experienced failure or criticim at school Have expectations about the leming process Have a whale range of life experences to draw on They can be critical of teaching methods

26. The motivation