My map of what motivates human beings

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Motivation by Mind Map: Motivation

1. Commitment

1.1. Why do we commit ?

1.1.1. Enthusiastic commitment is based on a sense of fullfillment.

1.1.2. Financial rewards

1.1.3. Being a part of something that allows a person to make a difference.

1.1.4. A sense of contributing to a cause you believe in

1.2. Why we fear commitment ?

1.2.1. Dissatisfaction with the situation

1.2.2. Unfullfilling

1.2.3. Cynical of the outcome

1.2.4. Performing strictly out of compliance

2. Total Behavior

2.1. Total behavior is the culmination of behavioral patterns developed through the combined experiences of learned and lived experiences.

2.2. Total Knowledge Filter

2.2.1. Total knowledge filter is the minds way of processing its perception of the world. Sometime that perception is not exactly what is, but the mind may perceive it as a certain way. We assign a negative, positive or a neutral to the information. The information is then used to access and decode the external world.

2.3. Classical Conditioning

2.3.1. Russian Physiologist Ivan Pavlov theorized that people behave in a autonomous action in response to a cause. I believe what he theorized is some of our behavior is a reaction to a external stimulus, such as stopping at a red light. This action becomes autonomous because a red light is associated with danger .

2.4. Choice theory

2.4.1. A more modern theory is "Choice theory" developed by Dr William Glasser. Choice theory states. 1- All we do is behave 2-Almost all behavior is chosen 3- We are driven by our biology to satisfy five basic needs survival,love,power,fun,belonging

2.5. Achievement Drive

2.5.1. 1-Determining the outcome of a given situation through the power of cause and effect.

2.5.2. 2- Influencing the out come based on a positive decisions.

2.6. Quality World

2.6.1. Quality world is the minds perception of photographic images of what it perceives as a quality world. love house enough money The Comparing Place The comparing place is a extension of "quality world". This is where the mind compares what it see's in quality world to the real world. I guess this determines our wants and needs. This can be a source of frustration the real world does not align with the 'quality world' I believe this is a prime source of motivation in people.