Farm Animals

Farm animals and their babies

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Farm Animals by Mind Map: Farm Animals

1. Baby horses are called foals. Horses like to eat carrots and sugar lumps. They say Neigh!

2. Cow

3. Horse

4. Sheep

4.1. Lamb

4.1.1. Baby sheep are called lambs. Sheep have thick fluffy coats that are sheared in Spring so they don't get too hot in the summer. Sheeps say Baa!

5. Chicken

5.1. Chick

5.1.1. Baby chickens are called chicks. Chickens have lots of feathers and lay eggs. Chickens say Cluck!

6. Rabbit

6.1. Kitten

6.1.1. A baby rabbit is called a kitten, just like a baby cat. Rabbits have long ears and like to twitch their noses.

7. Foal

8. Calf

8.1. Baby cows are called calves. People drink cows milk. Cows say moo!

9. Pig

9.1. Piglet

9.1.1. Baby pigs are called piglets. Pigs love rolling in the muck. They have curly tails and say Oink!

10. Goat

10.1. Kid

10.1.1. Baby goats are called kids. Some people drink goat's milk. Goats can live high up in the mountains.

11. Duck

11.1. Baby ducks are called ducklings. They like swimming behind their mothers in the pond. Ducks say Quack!