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Intelligence by Mind Map: Intelligence

1. Parenting

2. Environment

2.1. The environment is an important role in intelligence. The environment is very influential. The child is made up biologically and is influenced by the environment. It is important to view the environment as a support system that creates the person after the make-up of a person.

3. Intelligence is the mental capability of one person which is influenced by the environment, parenting and genetics.

4. Parenting

4.1. Parenting is along the lines of environment, however, it is the influence of nutrition decisions, parenting styles, and the experience that parent shows their child. Parenting is a case in its own. For example, if the parent decides to parent like skinner than the child will always be the dependent rather than an independent decision maker. The styles of parenting fluctuate and are very different in every case which shows in different children.

5. Genetics

5.1. Genetics is the make-up of each child based on their parents and ancestors. The gene make-up of each individual is the foundation of that child's intelligence. With genetics being the base the other influences can make-up a child's intelligence and changes everyday.

6. Questions & Critiques

6.1. Question 1. Does every child have the influence of each category? QUestion 2. How can siblings be different from one another if they have the same parents, environment, and genes.

6.2. Critique 1. I find it hard to believe some of the research done in this chapter with the twins. The research shows two boys but have they done this research on girls. Critique 2. When research is done it should be done throughout a wide spectrum of ethnic groups, gender and other points of view.

7. Children and intelligence

7.1. I believe children are influenced by all three categories. It is important to keep all options open and available. This is important to look at when teaching to each child as individuals.