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BarCamp Africa by Mind Map: BarCamp Africa

1. Brain Drain?

1.1. 20% of post sec educated africans work off continent

1.2. 25% of african trained doctors are in one country

1.3. DFID training new nurses - UK recruiting nurses

2. Third wave of democratization

3. re-aspora


4. African Governance

4.1. Rwanda

4.1.1. grass roots significanca

4.1.2. Rwanda - Democracy > 50% women

4.1.3. "I am really impressed to hear people talking about my country."

4.2. Entrep and the state

4.2.1. We most strengthen the African states as entities that can themselves support entrep

4.2.2. at the end of the day, states talk to states.

4.2.3. Democracy requires a middle state

4.2.4. dangerous tendancy to bias towards entrep and away for community ownership

4.2.5. Private enterprise model helps to build the middle class.

4.2.6. Can locally sourced entreps build/support a middle class that can support a coherent, relevant state

4.2.7. Gov must creates the rules for entrep

4.3. What does it mean to "address governance" in Africa

4.3.1. Nation building?

4.3.2. Activism

4.3.3. It is a mistake to get in chicken and egg discussions: good governance:middle class

4.4. Governance as "laws": common or civil

4.5. Democracy must be indigenously created

5. Culture

5.1. What does it mean to "understand the culture"

5.2. Is making money, building economies substantively different in Africa?

5.3. Is there a physics to markets that are agnostics

5.4. what is the intesection btwn politics and markets

5.4.1. conflict

5.4.2. symbiosis

6. Philanthropy / Investment

6.1. philanthropy's role is to absorb risk inherent in an emerging market to make room for investors to earn a return.

6.2. Is social investment inherently philanthropic

6.3. how can social investment catalyze scale

6.4. how do we engage those that care little about France or Senegal, Mexico or Ghana. How do we create scale

7. People

7.1. William Hooker

7.2. Obama has been campaigning his whole life

8. Education

8.1. "stick around"

8.2. Much of education is free

8.3. what is there to do when you are done?

8.4. inject resources without any fear of distorting a marketplace

8.5. African Universities

8.5.1. Deep historical legacies

8.5.2. 70 and 80's rough

9. sessions

9.1. x-prise

9.2. funding business centers

9.3. broadband ict and dev

9.3.1. ICT for d

9.4. Open Source

9.5. women's empowerment strategies

9.6. raising data - BPO sustainable dev

9.7. online mobile marketting in africa

9.8. building model cities

9.9. potential of the Internet in Nigeria

9.10. for profit npo collab

9.11. The most powerful weapon

9.12. kofi - africa focused products

9.13. tech for secondary eduj

9.14. ptanko inc - micro grid power gen

9.15. ICT for indigenous peoples

9.16. new economic systems

9.17. IP in Africa

9.18. empowering Africans

9.19. empower the diaspora

9.20. mentorring in african countries

9.21. 2010 world cup

9.22. nokia

9.23. Africa in the Media