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EC-TEL Think Tank by Mind Map: EC-TEL Think Tank
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EC-TEL Think Tank

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...



Summary Paper by Josh Underwood

Workshop (incl. pre and post phase)

Include past statements from interesting people / experts, comment on them and invite for an update: George Siemens, David Kennedy, Stephen Downes (eMail)

Linkedin Discussion + More

Develop Conzilla Model v0.1 and distribute to workshop participants upfront

Debate Model during Workshop

Forward interactive conzilla model to participants

Support & observe sustainability of asynchronous process.

Small Scope: AI in Eucation

Limited numbre of participants - easier to advance debate ?

Which weak signals are relevant to AI in Edu?

Important questions: How complex can a model be to capture human learning? What kind of algorithm could update the changes a human can go through in a single day? Are we retrofitting problems to solutions that are technologically possible? Can we define the right mix between machine support and human execution (locus of control).


Write up a paper ...

Some Validation of weak signals

New node