EC-TEL Think Tank

some first thoughts

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EC-TEL Think Tank by Mind Map: EC-TEL Think Tank

1. Input

1.1. Interviews

1.2. Summary Paper by Josh Underwood

2. Workshop (incl. pre and post phase)

2.1. Include past statements from interesting people / experts, comment on them and invite for an update: George Siemens, David Kennedy, Stephen Downes (eMail)

2.2. Linkedin Discussion + More

2.3. Develop Conzilla Model v0.1 and distribute to workshop participants upfront

2.4. Debate Model during Workshop

2.5. Forward interactive conzilla model to participants

2.6. Support & observe sustainability of asynchronous process.

3. Small Scope: AI in Eucation

3.1. Limited numbre of participants - easier to advance debate ?

3.2. Which weak signals are relevant to AI in Edu?

3.3. Important questions: How complex can a model be to capture human learning? What kind of algorithm could update the changes a human can go through in a single day? Are we retrofitting problems to solutions that are technologically possible? Can we define the right mix between machine support and human execution (locus of control).

4. Output

4.1. Write up a paper ...

4.2. Some Validation of weak signals

4.3. New node