The greenhouse effect

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The greenhouse effect by Mind Map: The greenhouse effect

1. Greenhouse gases

1.1. Carbon dioxide (CO2)

1.1.1. Burning Fossil fues Rainforest trees

1.2. CFCs (Chloro-fluoro-carbons)

1.2.1. They are in Aerosols Refrigerators Plastic boxes

1.2.2. Molecules trap heat Thinner ozone layer

1.3. Methane

1.3.1. Cow's stomachs

1.4. Nitrus oxide

1.4.1. Rubbish

1.4.2. Fertilizers

2. Solutions

2.1. Cannot be stopped

2.1.1. Can be slowed down by Conserve fossil fuels Conserve rainforest Must be protected Use natural energy Sun Sea Wind Ban CFCs Three r's Reuse Reduce Recycle Use the off switch Reduce the amount of global warming Plant a tree

3. Consequences

3.1. Changes in weather

3.1.1. Floods

3.1.2. Rising sea level

3.1.3. Less ice and snow

3.1.4. More extreme weather incidents

3.2. Food shortage

3.2.1. Plains too dry for farming

3.2.2. Impossible to grow the same amount of food as before

3.3. Rise of the Earth's tmperature

3.4. Soil becomes wetter

4. Origin

4.1. Atmosphere

4.1.1. Blanket of gasses

4.1.2. Keep the planet's temperature By trapping some of the sun's heat

4.2. Because of pollution

4.2.1. More gasses Earth is getting hotter