Healthcare Information Technology

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Healthcare Information Technology by Mind Map: Healthcare Information Technology

1. Information and Communication Technologies

1.1. E-Prescribing

1.1.1. Doctors are able to prescribe prescription directly to pharmacy of patients choosing

1.2. TeleMedic

1.2.1. Allows patients to have real-time interactions and medical care with doctors and nurses outside of facilities

1.3. E-Health Tools

1.3.1. Health information

1.3.2. Health Self-Management

1.3.3. Online communities

1.3.4. Behavioral Change/Prevention

2. Portal Technology

2.1. Allows patients and physicians to access medical records and interact online

3. Medical Billing

3.1. Allows healthcare providers to manage and bill claims to insurance companies through internet. This provides a more efficient and faster service.

4. IT Drivers

4.1. Computers were large and expensive

4.1.1. Hospitals shared mainframes

4.2. Smaller computers, less expensive, able to be installed in every department

4.2.1. Information was unable to be shared with other departments

4.3. Personal computers and non-traditional software emerged creating networking solution

4.3.1. Financial and clinical systems were able to share information limitedly.

4.4. Broad, distributed computer systems, and cheaper hardware and storage emerged

4.4.1. Integrated Delivery Network (IDN)-like integration created

4.4.2. expanded clinical departmental solutions

4.5. Computers offered mobility, and cloud computers and cloud based data emerged

4.5.1. Real-time electronic health records (EHR) clinical decision support emerged

4.5.2. Broad operational departmental systems with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) integration

5. Patient Records

5.1. Digital Records

5.1.1. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Designed to not be shared beyond individual practice Contains both patient medical and clinical information by certain medical profession Used by medical staff for diagnosis and treatment

5.1.2. Electronic Health Records (EHR) Able to be shared with medical staff across multiple healthcare organizations

5.2. Paper Medical Records

5.2.1. Consists of handwritten notes, typed reports, and test results stored in a paper file