Character Autopsy

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Character Autopsy by Mind Map: Character Autopsy

1. Torso

1.1. "This was true, and a particular sore point for Bruno. It was a source a constant disappointment to him that he wasn't as tall as any of the other boys in his class." (Boyne 22) Bruno has always been picked on by his sister and her friends. They would provoke him and make fun of his height which made him very insecure about his height. This is probably one of his biggest insecurities.

2. Legs

2.1. "'I want to be an explorer,' said Bruno quickly." (Boyne 83) Bruno loved to explore his old house in Berlin and he would explore his new house of there were places to go. He used to spend all his free time trying to discover new things in the house in Berlin. He loved to explore so much that when he would grow up, he wanted to be an explorer.

3. Feet

3.1. "'It's not the same here.'" (Boyne 84) Bruno has gone from a somewhat simplistic life to a new, unorthodox one. He used to have a big house, friends to play with, places to explore, and family nearby. Now Bruno has no one to play with, a much different life, a small house, and nowhere to explore. It has made Bruno very frustrated and bored and very home sick.

4. Hands

4.1. "'Out-With is our new home.' ...'I don't like it here,' insisted Bruno." (Boyne 47) Father was always a strict figure to Bruno even before moving to Auschwitz. What he says is final no matter what. Even so, when Bruno doesn't like his new home he goes to express his feelings to Father. Father says that Auschwitz is Bruno's new home no matter what, which Bruno then reluctantly complies.

5. Mouth

5.1. "'This isn't home and it will never be,' he muttered under his breath." (Boyne 16) Talking to Maria, Bruno expresses his distaste for his new home. He doesn't like the look, size, and the fact that he moved away from his friends. He talks to Maria because she is the only he can talk to because all his friends are gone.

6. Head

6.1. "'I want to be an explorer,' said Bruno quickly." (Boyne 83) Bruno has explored since he was a kid in Berlin. It is an activity that has been his escape from everything and he finds a lot of pleasure in exploring. Because Bruno is still very young, he does not know about careers and what to do when he grows up, so he wishes to become an explorer.

7. Heart

7.1. "'You're my best friend, Shumel,' he said. 'My best friend for life.'"(Boyne 213) Bruno had been lonely ever since arriving at Auschwitz. He had no one to play with and nothing to do, until one day he met Shmuel. They were there for each other when they were both going through a tough time and it seemed that nothing could separate them.

8. Arms

8.1. "'Herr Liszt won't let us read poetry or plays,' said Bruno... I'm starting to hate history and's boring'" (Boyne 143) Bruno is used to public school where he can read more and everything is more fun to him. Now that he lives at Auschwitz, Bruno has to have a tutor who focuses on history and is more strict. Bruno doesn't like the new type of work and it bores him.

9. Ears

9.1. "In fact he had heard her described on any number of occasions as being Trouble From Day One." (Boyne 21) Referring to Gretel, Bruno had heard her described as trouble. This was most likely said by his parents who were probably joking around, which he took seriously. So now Bruno calls his sister trouble and hopeless thinking that those statements are actually true.

10. Eyes

10.1. "He put his face to the glass and saw what was out there, and this time when his eyes opened wide and his mouth made the shape of an O, his hands stayed by his sides because something made him feel very cold and unsafe." (Boyne 20) Just as Bruno is adjusting to his new home, he sees something very frighting. The first sight of Auschwitz affects Bruno for the rest of the book because he now has a list of questions about what is at the new place. The sight also results in his death because Bruno becomes curious and explores Auschwitz where he is put into a gas chamber.