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Joomla Certification by Mind Map: Joomla Certification
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Joomla Certification

[SG] Next steps?

Submission to OSM

Under discussion

Working group

Stakeholder engagement

[SG] Why? User professionalisation

Knowledge gaps and frozen projects

Good for users

Good for clients

Good for Joomla's brand position

[BH] Business Model

Enabling environment

Learner, Public syllabus - find out what they don't know, Graded learning

Trainer, Training opportunities

Web developer, Professionalisation

Extension developer, Provide a course, Documentation

Open platform

Develop simulation and testing for key extensions

Non-competing - existing tutorial sites can align their content to the testing syllabus

Translators can create new tests in their own language


Development of testing platform

Development of core Joomla tests

Development of extension simulations and tests

Broad revenue share

Joomla core

Testing engine developer

Test developer

Testing center

Extension developer (if testing an extension)

[SG] Resources required


Testing engine

Joomla simulation

Joomla Faculty


Question bank

Testing centres

Training manuals

[SG] Types of certification

Role based

Site planner

Site developer

Site administrator

Content administrator

Personal developer

Task based


Local certification


[BH] Challenges

Implementing global testing (piggyback on others)

Speed at which knowledge becomes obsolete

"Badges" have version number on them

Continuous professional development

Creating and maintaining simulations and questions within Joomla development cycle

Closed platform may be inevitable

American pricing and language etc


[SG] Role Models & Players

Zend Certification


Pearson VUE