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Animal Farm by Mind Map: Animal Farm

1. Motif

1.1. Windmill

1.1.1. The Windmill is a recurring obstacle that represents the hard work put in by all of the animals. This structure was knocked down multiple times throughout the book but the farm always manages to rebuild it because it is symbolic of their strength.

2. Character Synthesis

2.1. Napoleon

2.1.1. Napoleon is a power hungry ruler that would hurt others in order to show his superiority. While farm animals were confusing their wrong doings, he took a chance and slaughtered them in front of everyone. He is not a tolerant ruler. In my opinion, Napoleon should have commemorated them for their willingness to tell the truth to better the farm

3. Conformity

3.1. Compliance: A person conforms biblically but has their own private beliefs

3.1.1. Afraid of being rejected from others in their community

3.2. Identification: Conforming to a person that is well respected in society

3.3. Internalization: When someone adopts a popular groups beliefs as their own publicly and privately

3.3.1. Most serious type of conformity because people usually hold onto these ideas for a long time

4. Theme

4.1. Orwell wrote this book to warn people about the effects of having an absolute ruler.

4.1.1. Able to change rules without conferencing with others Napoleon changed the commandments and no one said anything because they were afraid

5. Text to World:

5.1. Soundtrack

5.1.1. Russian National Anthem: Common wisdom handed down by our forbears Animal Farm: Major's mother used to sing a song to him and it stated that it has been passed down for generations and he continued to pass it down to the other animals. Russian National Anthem: This song has been passed down from generation to generation and is continuing to being spread among others.

5.2. Snowball vs. Napoleon Joseph Stalin vs. Leon Trotsky

5.2.1. Snowball and Napoleon are being compared to Stalin and Trotsky. The two animals had different plans on protecting the farm from a human attack. Snowball had the strategy to send pigeons to neighboring farms to start chaos and gain supporters for animalism. Napoleon wanted to train and arm the animals so they can fight against the humans. Napoleon won the fight similarly to Joseph Stalin Snowball lost and so did Trotsky

6. Background Information

6.1. Author: George Orwell

6.2. Date of Publication: August 17, 1945

6.3. Summary: The rise of animalism and trying to survive on a farm ran by animals