Central Administration

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Central Administration by Mind Map: Central Administration

1. Application Management

1.1. Manage web applications

1.2. Create site collections

1.3. Manage service applications

1.4. Manage content databases

2. Monitoring

2.1. Review problems and solutions

2.2. Check Job Status

2.3. View web analytics repots

3. Security

3.1. Manage the farm administrators group

3.2. Configure the service accounts

4. General Application Settings

4.1. Configure send to connections

4.2. Configure content deployment paths and jobs

4.3. Manage form templates

5. System Settings

5.1. Manage Servers in this farm

5.2. Manage services on server

5.3. Manage farm features

5.4. Configure alternate access mapping

6. Configuration Wizards

6.1. Launch farm configuration wizard

7. Backup and Restore

7.1. Perform a Backup

7.2. Restore from a backup

7.3. Perform a site collection backup

8. Upgrade and Migration

8.1. Convert farm license type

8.2. Check product and patch installation status

8.3. Check product status