Altruism and Acceptance (The unselfish concerns for the welfare of others)

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Altruism and Acceptance (The unselfish concerns for the welfare of others) by Mind Map: Altruism and Acceptance (The unselfish concerns for the welfare of others)

1. Our social order based on financial status revolves around entitlement.

2. The service orientation (The willingness to doing what needs to be done. Going beyond the call of duty for the sake of helping others)

2.1. selfless

2.2. caring

2.3. good natured

2.4. positive and determined

3. Altruism

4. Narcisssm (Excessive love of oneself)

4.1. Infatuation with modernity and youth

4.2. neglect of courtesy

4.3. Demand for instant gratification

4.4. inner emptiness and depression

4.5. fear of mediocrity

4.6. insecurity

4.7. pretentiousness

4.8. identification with affluence

4.9. inability to mourn

4.10. hypochondria

4.11. Perpetual psychoanalysis

4.12. manipulation and deceit of others

4.13. inability to commit or engage in relationships

5. Entitlement is very pervasive in our society. It has helped us develop and grow and push ourselves to the limit, but at the same time it has brought out the worst in mankind. Entitlement is the catalyst that allows us to enter nature and redesign it to our bidding. With out entitlement civilization would not develop the way that it has. Even the bible tell us we are entitled. "God told man he has dominon over all on the earth is our justification for our dominance on every level. We have corrupted this so called privilege.

5.1. Entitlement compels us to push ahead but forces us to ignore the devastation we leave in our wake

6. Exagerated sense of entitlement (delusional sense of privilege.)

6.1. The five elements of generating entitlement

6.1.1. accomplishment requires specific tools and can be measured

6.1.2. an assortment of characteristics and privilege can be obtained

6.1.3. possession translate into merit

6.1.4. value must be reiterated other wise it diminishes

6.1.5. personal status is defined by comparision

6.2. Negative feelings of entitlement

6.2.1. dissatisfaction with self depression rage

6.2.2. appointing blame to others for there failures

6.2.3. Jealousy

6.3. Rehabilitation In business and personal (Ways to counteract a inflated sense of entitlement in the work enviroment)

6.3.1. Self awareness. Evaluating oneself and reasoning with ones feeling and sentiments on the external world through honest assesment.

6.3.2. Attempt to listen to others free of assumptions, bias and thoroughly. To often we listen to people with a closed ear and from our perspective.

6.3.3. Be professional. Accept a mature stance. True effort and dedication emerges when people are motivated by standards opposed to entitlement

6.3.4. Respect,Education and training.

6.3.5. Establish effective methods for gauging performance

6.3.6. Communicate information effectively

6.3.7. Gratitude. Being thankful for what you have obtained. To often we undervalue what we have and overvalue what we do not have

6.3.8. Sympathy and mutual sympathy

6.3.9. Accepting diversity in our society. Realizing all peoples of the world contribute to society and have value. The isms ( racism, ageism, youthism) in the world is a great negative source of entitlement. To disavow these stereotypes helps bring about enlightment.

6.3.10. Disavow humour that conceals hidden and overt prejudices. offensive humour perpetuate the prejudices.

6.3.11. Empathy. Expressing the ability to understand anothers feeling by putting oneself in anothers perspective.

7. Summary

7.1. Our society is permeated by narcissism and entitlement. The benefits to human narcissism help us progress and develop a very advanced civilization. At the same time we have left a path of destruction in our wake, just take a look at how we ravaged forest. This left many animals displaced. All for the sake of our sense of entitlement. As we advance our sense of entitlement becomes ever stronger. The way to counter act this acidic behaviour is through education and self awareness. When we become aware of these traits we can then suppress and disavow these feelings.