The Great Famine

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The Great Famine by Mind Map: The Great Famine

1. Eviction

1.1. Many people could not afford to pay rent to landlords and were evicted from their homes.

1.1.1. They're homes were burnt so that they could not return.

1.1.2. Some went to the workhouse Others emigrated

2. Emmigration

2.1. 1845-1850: Around 1 million people emigrated on coffin ships.

2.1.1. America Most emigrants entered America through Ellis Island in New York.

2.1.2. Austrailia

2.1.3. England

3. Effects of the famine

3.1. Around 1 million people died

3.1.1. Malnutrition, diseases such as 'famine fever.'

3.2. Around 1 million people emigrated

4. Causes of the famine:

4.1. Irish people relied on the potatoe crop as their main source of food. 1845-1850 a disease called potatoe blight caused the potatoes to rot in the ground.

5. Relief Efforts

5.1. The Workhouse

5.2. Soup Kitchens

5.3. Road works