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JetBidders by Mind Map: JetBidders

1. User Types

1.1. Administration

1.1.1. Client Management Client Setup Invite A Client Create A Client Edit Existing Clients Basic Details Margin Settings Client Branch Select Operator Visibility (Y/N) Delete Clients Specify Specific operators for a Client Branch (Default is all)

1.1.2. Operator Management Document Management Approve Operator Documents (Client can see Approval) View Out of Date Operators (Action Required) Flag Document Issues/Errors (Notification sent to Operator) User Management Create Operator Edit Operator Invite Operator

1.1.3. Charter Management Live Charter Requests View all live requests across entire system Manage/Edit View Charters Pending Confirmation List of Charters awaiting approval View Historical Requests Create Charters on behalf of any client

1.1.4. Reporting

1.2. Clients

1.2.1. Client Administration

1.2.2. Client Deparments

1.2.3. Client Staff Members

1.3. Operators