How to set up a Hifi System

this is about setting up a HiFi System for serious listening, not for "filling a room with background music" which is not reached by the same steps

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How to set up a Hifi System by Mind Map: How to set up a Hifi System

1. components

1.1. Speakers

1.1.1. different types require different treatment

1.1.2. types dipole radiate to the front and back should be placed some certain way off the back wall "shelf" speaker often sound better, if arranged in a bookshelf with using the surrounding to build a big plain area (widening the front panel with books e.g.) floorstanding speaker

1.2. Amplification

1.3. Source

2. setups

2.1. step 1

2.1.1. place your speakers for serious listening symmetry is very important space to back and side walls should be the same for each speaker placement solves booming bass problems if properly done certain space should be omitted - about 80cm to each wall leads to clearer sound

2.1.2. choose your listening position symmetry is important no surfaces near listening position as they will introduce reflections Back wall obey the stereo triangle place speakers in a triangle, where space between speakers and speaker(s) and listener is the same vary by taste

2.1.3. check room acoustics A boomy room makes boomy music Use big furniture if possible Bass absorbers are a possible solution if it is optically acceptable add carpet between speakers and listening position An echoic room will imprint its acourstic signature on the whole sound use curtains room tratment for leveling reverberation may be a solution if acceptable if severe problems occur ask an acoustics speacialist do not spend tons of bucks for tuning of any kind until this is not fixed or at least ok

2.1.4. listen to music!

2.2. step 2

2.2.1. think about electronic room equalization, if in focus there are some systems which literally "transform" the sound of already good sounding equipment it is the best solution to achieve speakers to sound as equal as possible even more symmetry

2.2.2. listen to music!

2.3. step 3

2.3.1. zero money tuning wisely place equipment speakers components power Disclaimer: Don't mess with power! Mains power is lethal! You should know what you are doing, otherwise ask somebody who does! always use 1 wall outlet if you use several devices use 1 power strip check component mains "phase" optimize phase for best sound check positions in powerstrip for best sound better sound means mostly less harsh or irritating

2.3.2. listen to music!

2.4. step 4

2.4.1. tuning for bucks First of all There are many things that 'change' the sound of your System What is spending large amounts of money for minimal improvements speakers to change the speakers is the maybe most affecting part in a system remember you have to start over at step 1 It seems that speakers get expensive when they... First think about what you really want Then try to find some speaker which does what you want If you do not know, listen to different system before final decision listen at home components Amps power cabling "esoteric"

3. to be continued soon...