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Driver Control Center by Mind Map: Driver Control Center
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Driver Control Center


Needs to have something to do with drivers

Should be unique, and not closely related to any other product.

All in one driver updater?

Driver Updater Control Center

Driver Control Center


Available from command line

Needs to scan for drivers

Needs to download drivers

Could have advanced mode

Needs to update drivers


Could be distributed using Launchpad and Sourceforge.

Could be added to freshmeat

Could use xtranormal to create animation of someone moaning about drivers


Should be a GNU license.

Only GNU licenses supported by both Launchpad and Sourceforge are current General Public License and Lesser General Public License.

GPL seems to be alright


Driver Installer?

Virus scan mashup


Will be in Java.

Could have a different windows edition, which interfaced with device manager using Visual C++ or Visual Basic.

Cross platform

Open source

Could use developer from Sourceforge

Could use coders as private alpha testers, then they could possibly give code snippets as solutions to bugs.

Java user interface could use ACM Program Libary

Could incorporate code from any other open-source driver updaters, and give appropriate credit.