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Driver Control Center by Mind Map: Driver Control Center
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Driver Control Center


Needs to have something to do with drivers

Should be unique, and not closely related to any other product.

All in one driver updater?

Not currently taken by any other product.

Sounds as if it is a driver updater just for one brand.

Driver Updater Control Center

Not currently taken up by any other product.

Too long.

Driver Control Center

Not currently taken up by any other product

Not too long, but not too short so no new product should take the name

Sounds as if it does everything, which the product does

Could be shortened to drivercc


Available from command line

Could be used for batch scripting

Needs to scan for drivers

Culd use conf file in *NIX such as xorg.conf

Could use device manager on Windows

Could possibly use Apple's System Profile on OSX

Is Java avaliable for Mac Classic

Needs to download drivers

Could use manufactors websites

Could use

Could use sourceforge

Could add custom repository's in an advanced mode

Could have advanced mode

From here could add custom repository's.

Could maybe have source code editor integrated???

Could be asked on first start whether you want to use advanced or simple mode, Could then have a small button to switch between modes

Needs to update drivers

Could use manufacturers websites

Could use

Could use sourceforge

Could add custom repository's in advanced mode


Could be distributed using Launchpad and Sourceforge.

Sourceforge link -, Could have main site hosted on sourceforge., Could have screenshots on sourceforge, Have file releases on sourceforge, Have releases on file release system, Use CVS to have more frequently updated, minor releases

Launchpad link -, Tell launchpad all file releases are on sourceforge.

Could be added to freshmeat

Could use xtranormal to create animation of someone moaning about drivers

Xtranormal animation at


Should be a GNU license.

Only GNU licenses supported by both Launchpad and Sourceforge are current General Public License and Lesser General Public License.

GPL seems to be alright

Most people know what GPL is.


Driver Installer?

Could see what drivers were needed, Could scan using device manager and other third party tools

Could update drivers, Could use source forge, Microsoft Update etc to check for updates

Could download and install new drivers, Could use sourceforge and microsoft update to find drivers, and install them using an unattended mode., If no unattended mode, could just open executable and allow user to install

Final chosen idea

Virus scan mashup

Could use existing virus scan services to scan for viruses.

Multiple virus scanning utilities could cause conflict with each other

Some free products such as AVG Free require a product key., However, may be possible to use one product key for more than one installation., This may break terms and conditions or terms of use.


Will be in Java.

Could have a different windows edition, which interfaced with device manager using Visual C++ or Visual Basic.

Could use developer from Sourceforge for C++

Cross platform

Would have to use developer from sourceforgefor integration with *Nix xorg.conf etc

Open source

Release all source code under GPL (see licensing)

Could use developer from Sourceforge

Could use coders as private alpha testers, then they could possibly give code snippets as solutions to bugs.

Java user interface could use ACM Program Libary

Could incorporate code from any other open-source driver updaters, and give appropriate credit.

For example GUP, although GUP is intended for advanced end users or developers, so any code would have to be made friendlier.