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TWC301 by Mind Map: TWC301
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Ch 3 contrast





CH 1 outcomes

Create better web sites

Follow processes to accomplish goals

Ch 2 Emphasis

Informational hierarchies

Ch 4 balance

In this chapter, I gained a better understanding of the importance balance has in a design layout. When first deciding on what sort of layout to use, either symmetrical or asymmetrical, it is important to take into consideration what sort of message you are trying to communicate to your audience, and which sort of layout will best communicate that message. Symmetrical layouts seem to look more formal and sort of ordinary compared with asymmetrical, which to me, always appear to be more exciting in how they layout attracts my eye and guides it over the page.

Ch 5 Alignment

Grid Systems

Ch 5 helped me to understand where and when I should use different text alignments as well as what the more advanced alignments can be used for

Ch 6 Repetition

This chapter was a very good resource on how repetition can enliven and connect important information critical to your message and its delivery. There are many different ways described in this chapter, but most are actually the topics of the last few chapters like color, emphasis, size, form, type, etc. and how those concepts come together with repetition.

Ch 7 Flow

This was a very informing chapter that really helped me to understand how to better improve my layouts to more easily transmit my message to my audience. The research I did in looking for websites to bookmark and ads for the rhetorical analysis reallly helped me to recognize how flow is used across different media. Another piece of important information is how to use visual and verbal flow and their effects on a page. When trying to get a message across on a page, I know that in order for me to present information with different priorities, the flow of the layout depends upon the particular message and determines how it will be interpreted in the audiences mind. That is extremely CRITICAL to any design so it must never be overlooked.

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