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The Famine in Ireland - 1845 by Mind Map: The Famine in Ireland - 1845
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The Famine in Ireland - 1845


Emphasis how much the people relied on the potatoes during the period. Describe what happened to the potatoes at the start of the Famine. Discuss the consequences of blight in the potato crop.

Coffin Ships

Life on a coffin ship


Places of Workhouses around Ireland

Families separated

Death in the Workhouses

Black '47

  State how many people died in 1847. Why was this the worst year in the Famine? What did people do to try survive at this stage?  


The Division of Land

Describe the way the land was divided among the people, from the wealthiest to the extremely poor.


Smoking people out of house and setting houses on fire

Some landlords allowed tenants stay