Learning Strategies

Use this template to collect all materials and information related to a class/course.

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Learning Strategies by Mind Map: Learning Strategies

1. No Cramming

1.1. study less time

1.2. less stress

1.3. better grades

1.4. short study sessions

1.5. review of previous classes

2. Ask, Explain and Connect

2.1. ask yourself about the topics

2.2. connect what you are learning with what you know

2.3. list of ideas - How ?, Why?

2.4. review the notes and connect the ideas

3. Words and Visuals

3.1. two ways to understand and remember information

3.2. an image represents a text

3.3. different ways of representing the same information

3.4. combine words and visual elements

4. Switch

4.1. several topics in a single study session

4.2. switch between different topics

4.3. link between ideas

4.4. mental agility

4.5. effective to understand all the topics

5. Examples

5.1. examples to demonstrate and explain ideas

5.2. real life examples

5.3. collect concepts and exemplify them

5.4. accurate and relevant examples

6. Recall what you know

6.1. everything you know about a topic

6.2. recover your knowledge

6.3. the improvement comes with practice

6.4. perform many practice tests