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Boarding Kennels/Pet Friendly motels

Dog Friendly hotel

Keeping pets safe in boarding kennels

Pet Travel

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Boarding Kennels and dog-friendly motels

NZ dog sitting and walking while you're away...

Hotel and Campites

Crate Travel

Transport Options, Export Regulations

Pet Product Auction

Travel news

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Agility Training

Agility Extras

Advice on weave poles

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The many signs of the Waggin Tail

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Useful and simple tricks

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Interesting world of dogs, The tidbits of the doggie world

Other tidbits in the doggie world

Magazines about Pets

Woofing links

Amazing Dog Products!!


The Extras

Fencing Issues

Hiking with your dog

How to

How to make Dog Boots!

How to build a Dog House

Odds & Sods

How to make a Whelping Box

How to build a Dog Cart

Lost and Wanted

Finding Lost Dogs in NZ

Dog Adoption in New Zealand

How to adopt a dog

How to find a lost dog

Articles about finding a lost dog


Breed description, Breeders & True to Type Club in New Zealand

International Breeders

K9 Clubs

List of Dog Clubs

Forums for dog lovers

Listserves for NZ dog lovers

Tracking Information and articles

NZ Dog Trainers

Sizing up a well-behaved trainer for your dog

List of NZ Dog Trainers

Training Issues


Loosh Leash walking

Theory of learning

Dominance Alpha theories

Training deaf or blind dogs

Training Issues


Target Training & Commands

Reading your dog


Tips on raising your best friend, The Dog!


DVD's on Dog Training

Dog Training DVD

Clicker Training

What should the handler do as the dog fails an exercise?

All about PUPPIES !!!!!

Potty Training

How to desensitise?

Some interesting links


Dog Problems

General Dog Problem Issues


Separation Anxiety

The Great Escape Artist

The Fearful Dog

Jumping up, Mounting

What to do when saying 'off' is a waste of time

Simon's Corner

Barry's Corner

Leash walking without your dog pulling

Food Aggression

The Aggressive Dog

Food & Nutrition

Health News

Dog Sterilisation

Tail Docking


Dangerous Foods

BARK diets Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, Recipes for dog treats

Ear infection / cleaning



Health & Care

Whelping Box Plans

Pet Insurance

Feet: paws, pads, claws

Veterinarians and Research

Calming your dog

Worms, fleas, parasites

Pica behaviour

Vitamins for dogs

Gastric Torsion

Cancer in dogs

Epilepsy Resources and First Aid, Seizures

Thyroid Problems

Arthritis in Pets

Diabetes in Dogs

General Dog Care