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Medical Research in the Middle East: is there something missing? by Mind Map: Medical Research in the Middle East: is there something missing?
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Medical Research in the Middle East: is there something missing?

Clinical Epidemiology The Essentials

Ease of access to patient medical records for research purposes

Ability to access articles and previous work

A necessity in universities and major hospitals


Action steps

Enable access to international medical databases

Access to major and specialized journals

Research Interests

Research Question

Recruiting collaborating centers

Research Instruments/Scales (e.g., Quality of Life Outcomes)

Cultural Validation

Through email

More outlets of publication

University based journals

Simple and basics

Incorporate in required annual CME

Participation in research related activites

Local in same university

Arranged by students for students

Beyond the basics

For more interested students

الجمعية العلمية السعودية للبحث الطبي؟؟

Research Planning

Needs Assessment

Public Awareness & Acceptance

Research Funding


Ethics Board

Research Conduction

Supportive serviceses

Modify pathway for accepting articles in local journals

More funding opportunities

Availability of regional research methodology centers

Patient medical databases

National Disease Registries

Research Results Dissemination

Medical/Academic Writing Workshops


Media Collaboration

On personal bases

Research Conferences

Increase general awareness about importance of research


Health care practitioners

The general public

Serious Consideration for Research Involvement during Residency Application

General rules before editing this mind map

Please do not delete other participent's ideas

Please feel free to add any idea.

You can color action-steps with red

Construct and consolidate medical personell's knowledge about research methodologies

Disseminate available free resources on research


Recommend books

Need major bodies that direct research in KSA

Draw a researchers Roadma

To assist self directed learning

Disseminate and spread