Feature Map

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Feature Map by Mind Map: Feature Map

1. Content

1.1. Award

1.2. Courses

1.3. Single LI

2. Content Sharing

2.1. Sharing content

2.1.1. Sharing Roles Content author content admin portal admin

2.1.2. Subjects Award Courses LI

2.1.3. Actions View content the roles should view statistic on the number enrollments + their enrollment states of the portals which have been shared

2.2. Sharing Improvement

2.2.1. Contents sharing have authored Award Course 1. Price course 2. enquiry course 3. Course (free-allow enroll ) Single LI Document Text Resourse Embed Video Web Link

2.2.2. User stories Admin Manage Custom Selection Author 1. Share/Unshare LO to the portal 2. Share/Unshare content to specific User on current portal 3. Share/Unshare LO to a Group 4. Submit LO to Market Learner 1. View a shared LO 2. Access a shared LO

2.2.3. display Share button on a LO 1. Creating LO 2. Edit LO 3. Overview LO

2.2.4. Risk Contents out of scope Quizzes + Question + Assignment : not as single LI ( unless within the content course) Modules + Events are component of a course

3. Content Portal Selection

3.1. Administrators can control the visibility of content for their portal

3.2. Administrators can manage the Learning Objects available from their portal

3.3. Administrators can preview content include within their portal

3.4. Implement Usage Tracking on Portal Content Selection

3.5. Users can view content selected to display on their portal