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Obliterate by Mind Map: Obliterate

1. Other examples

1.1. As her mind raced through a future now obliterated, she realized her 12-year-old daughter was listening from the next room.

1.2. obliterating misconceptions about science with gentle prose.

1.3. Unlike Ronaldo, who simply wants to obliterate his opposition, Messi is a kind of connoisseur of the game from within the game.

1.4. His goal was to obliterate the memories

2. remove completely from recognition or memory

2.1. do away with completely, without leaving a trace

2.2. Synonyms: efface, blot out, hide, obscure, veil

3. reduced to nothingness

3.1. When you see obliterate, think of evil alien invaders that zap a planet with a destructive ray. In one blast, the planet and all of the people on it are vaporized. The planet is truly obliterated, or completely wiped out.

4. mark for deletion, rub off, or erase

4.1. kill, wipe out