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environment by Mind Map: environment

1. pollution

1.1. air pollution: fossil fuels technology

1.2. solid 固体垃圾 wastes soil - plants- health

2. global warming - the environment is not suitable for us to live

2.1. fossil fuels

3. sustainable 不属于环境 it will affects the sustainable development of the earth.

3.1. next generatoins may run out of fuels but fuels are important in all areas: cars need it; heating system;

3.1.1. fossil fules are limited if we can continue to use them we will use up them

3.2. best solution 分析

3.2.1. 依赖-没有动力 provide aid to poor countries if the aid is money poor countries may depend on those donars they would not be motivated at improving their economy so this solution is not sustainable 免费学校-学生没有动力学习 因为不珍惜机会

3.2.2. 不现实 : 太贵了 all schools should be free of charge