Moving overseas

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Moving overseas by Mind Map: Moving overseas

1. Remains resident for the full tax year (under the general SRT)?

1.1. 'Split year' rules override?

1.1.1. Starting full time work overseas

1.1.2. Partner of someone starting full time work overseas

1.1.3. Ceasing to have a UK home

2. Domicile

2.1. Retain UK domicile

2.2. Acquire overseas domicile of choice?

2.3. Consider local overseas rules as to domicile and related wealth taxes

3. Remittance basis whilst continuing UK residence

3.1. Non-UK domiciles only

3.1.1. Foreign income and gains Avoiding mixed funds

3.1.2. Overseas workday relief

4. Not resident for the tax year (under the general SRT)?

4.1. Client's final day of UK residence on 5 April in the immediately preceding tax year

5. Tax planning prior to, or post, cessation of UK residence

5.1. Accelerate/defer income and/or gains

6. Temporarily non-resident only

6.1. Possible tax charges in year of return

6.2. Impact on (deemed) domicile status if previously long-term resident