Institutalization of NMA (MFA)

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Institutalization of NMA (MFA) by Mind Map: Institutalization of NMA (MFA)

1. MFA in Sculpture from Univ. of Califonia 1967

1.1. Sculpture Prof.

2. ART

3. Music

4. Engineering/Science

5. Design

6. 1. Rhode Island School of Design

6.1. Ditial+Media (2003~(?))

6.1.1. Faculty (Full-time) Kelly Dobson: Chair/ 2005~/Artist,Engineer/PhD in Media Arts and Science at MIT (Media Lab) Rafael Attias: Prof./graphic Designer/Art Director From School of Design Joseph Butch Todd Winkler From Meme, Brown Univ. (Co-directors): PhD program in Computer Music and Multimedia Composition Wendy Hui Kyong Chun

7. 2. Yale

7.1. X

8. 3.School of the Art Institute of Chicago

8.1. Art and Technology (from ???)

8.1.1. Faculty (Full-time) Tiffany Holmes: Chair/2001~/Media Artist PhD candidate from Univ. of Plymouth, UK MFA in Imaging Digital Arts from Univ. of Maryland MFA in Painting from Maryland Institute Shawn Decker: 1991~/Sound Artist Docter of Music 1987 Master of Music Bachelor of Music Peter Gena PhD in Music Composition from the State Univ. of NY at Buffalo Steven Waldeck: 1969~ Joan Truckenbrod Eduardo Kac: Bio Artist

8.2. Sound

8.3. Film Video, New Media and Animation

8.4. Visual Communication

8.4.1. For Designers

8.5. Design for Emerging Technology

8.5.1. Offered through the Department of Architecture

9. School Rank from:

10. 4. Cranbrook Academy of Art

10.1. X

10.2. 2D Design

10.3. 3D Design

11. 4. Maryland Institute College of Art

11.1. Photographic and Electronic Media

11.1.1. Faculty Timothy Druckrey: Director/ curator, writer, and editor Craig Kalpakjian: Prof./Photograph, Video

12. 4. Virginia Commonwealth University

12.1. Design/Visual Communications

12.2. Kinetic Imaging

12.2.1. video art, experimental animation, and sound design