Connected Classroom

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Connected Classroom by Mind Map: Connected Classroom

1. Internet

1.1. Reaching experts to learn from and with them

1.2. Asynchronous (D2L, Reddit) and Synchronous (VC, IM) communication

1.3. Web 2.0 Tools

2. Social Media

2.1. Peer-to-peer learning

2.2. Promoting collaboration, cooperation and discord

2.3. Immediate feedback of resonance and impact

3. Brick and Mortar

3.1. Launching pad for learning

3.2. Learning how to work collaboratively

3.3. Using and going beyond the curriculum

4. Knowledge Creation

4.1. Evaluating and Creating

4.2. Developing ideas, procedures and products that emulated by others

4.3. Requires an awareness of how to replicate what has been done and understanding what has been done.

5. Knowledge Replication

5.1. Applying and Analyzing

5.2. Knowing how to, skillfully, create a music video, perform routine surgery, write and essay.

5.3. 21st Century students are more adept at this; look at Reddit, YouTube, Twitch,

6. Knowledge Consumption

6.1. Remembering and Understanding

6.2. Learning and sharing tools are simple or simplified

6.3. Most users are within this sphere: facebook, instagram browsing, printrest scrolling