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Case 2: The Wallace Group by Mind Map: Case 2: The Wallace Group
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Case 2: The Wallace Group

Vertical Organizational Communication

Management has clearly stated their issues with the Hal Wallace and nothing has been done to adapt to their needs

Corporate has expectations that are unrealistic given the time and other projects employees are working on. (example- getting information from matthew smith to satisfy corporate planning and operations review requirements)

The issues that employees have stated should have been quite obvious. It shouldn't have taken Fran and her consulting firm to uncover some pretty blatant issues

Talent Acquistion

Low starting salary

Hiring under qualified engineers

Moving the experienced engineers around to different projects due to the lack of new qualified talent

Distribution of Control

Hal Wallace has one minded views and needs to distribute power to senior management

Hal is scared to risk spending money in order to increase revenues

Although there has been a minimal increase in revenue, the one person monarchy is holding the company back

Adapting to Company Expansion

Lack of management training program

No action taken after discussion of expansion