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1984 by Mind Map: 1984

1. Three Books

1.1. Book 1 - Set up of Oceania's society

1.1.1. This sets up the government structures / who's in charge / what Winston does for his job / how society lives (all part of a different aspect on mind map).

1.2. Book 2 - Love story of Winston and Julia

1.2.1. They meet in secret in various places around Oceania to have a love affair

1.2.2. Julia is obviously not into it as much as Winston is...she has done this before.

1.2.3. When they are reading Goldstein's book they are arrested (this is the very last chapter of book 2).

1.3. Book 3 - Torture and brainwashing

1.3.1. Winston and Julia are arrested, tortured, and reintegrated into society.

1.3.2. Both are tortured with their greatest fears (Winston - rats) (Julia - losing her beauty).

1.3.3. After being reintegrated into society they meet and find that they are no longer in love with one another.

2. Characters

2.1. Winston

2.1.1. Protagonist of novel

2.1.2. 32 years old / ulcers on ankle / not in great physical condition / smokes / drinks

2.1.3. works in Ministry of Truth - correcting the records to match what Big Brother says because he is never allowed to be wrong

2.1.4. lives in Liberty apartments

2.1.5. Is against BB

2.2. Julia

2.2.1. works in Ministry of Truth - writing fiction the way that BB wants it to be

2.2.2. member of the Junior Anti-Sex League - believes in chastity and living life according to BB She lives like this on the outside, but is actually very against BB and has love affairs in secret

2.2.3. Has a love affair with Winston

2.2.4. Has love affairs with anyone as long as it benefits her in some way and she enjoys being a rebel like this

2.3. O'Brien

2.3.1. Works in Ministry of Truth as Winston's supervisor

2.3.2. Winston thinks that O'Brien is also against BB because of the looks he gives him

2.3.3. Makes Winston believe that he works with the rebellion (Brotherhood)

2.3.4. Actually works in Ministry of Love and was spying on Winston and Julia Is the one that personally tortures Winston

3. Government Structure

3.1. Big Brother

3.1.1. in control of the government / always watching you / no one has really met him so they don't know if he is really alive or not

3.2. 4 Ministries

3.2.1. Ministry of Plenty - controls rationing

3.2.2. Ministry of Truth - controls news / media / books / any written form of expression

3.2.3. Ministry of Peace - controls war

3.2.4. Ministry of Love - controls the laws (basically the police force)

3.2.5. Everything is named the opposite of what it actually means.

3.3. Three Provinces

3.3.1. Oceania / Eurasia / Eastasia Oceania - England / North and South America / Australia / Pacific Island nations Eurasia - mainland Europe and Norther Africa Eastasia - China / Soviet Union (1948) / India / Asia

3.3.2. All always at war with one and at peace with the other

3.3.3. all have exactly the same structure, but because of how controlled by government they are unaware of the similarities

4. Dystopian Society

4.1. Definition: a society that looks perfect from the outside (utopian), but has problems on the inside that others are not aware of

4.2. look at significance on why author would set up the society like this / what is he trying to say about a real Post-WWII society?