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1. Economic and Social Council

1.1. The ECOSOC is the principal organ that - promotes higher standards of living, full employment, and economic and social progress - identifies solutions to international economic, social and health problems - facilitates international cultural and educational cooperation - encourages universal respect for human rights and fundamental freedom

2. International Court of Justice

2.1. The Court is the principal organ that settles legal disputes submitted by States in accordance with international law gives advisory opinions on legal questions referred by authorized United Nations organs and specialized agencies

3. Trusteeship Council

3.1. In 1945, when the UN was established, 11 non self-governing territories (mostly in Africa and the Pacific Ocean) were placed under international supervision. The major goals of the trusteeship system were to promote the advancement of the inhabitants of such Trust Territories and their progression towards self- government or independence.

4. General Assembly

4.1. - discusses and makes recommendations on any subject, except those being considered at the same time by the Security Council - discusses questions related to military conflicts and the arms race - discusses ways and means to improve the status of children, youths, women and others - discusses issues related to sustainable development and human rights - decides how much each Member State should pay to the United Nations and how this money is spent

5. Security Council

5.1. While the General Assembly can discuss any world concern, the Security Council is primarily responsible for questions of peace and security The Security Council is the principal organ that - investigates any dispute or situation that might lead to international conflict - recommends methods and terms of settlement - recommends actions against any threat or act of aggression - recommends to the General Assembly who should be appointed as Secretary General of the United Nations

6. Secretariat

6.1. The Secretariat is the principal organ that - administers peacekeeping operations, mediates international disputes and organizes humanitarian relief programmes - surveys economic and social trends, prepares studies on human rights, sustainable development and other areas of concern, and publishes a variety of publications - lays the groundwork for international agreements - informs the world ー the media, governments, non-governmental organizations, research and academic networks, schools and colleges and the general public ー about the work of the United Nations