Bone and Cartilage

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Bone and Cartilage by Mind Map: Bone and Cartilage

1. Cartilage

1.1. Role or Functions

1.1.1. precursor or model for the embryonic development of long bones

1.1.2. replaced by bone in fetal and childhoo

1.2. Types

1.2.1. Hyaline Cartilage model for bone development Matrix Fiber: Type II collagen Ground substance Location tracheal rings nasal septum larynx articular surfaces of joints

1.2.2. Elastic Cartilage stain brown-black with Weigert's stain Matrix Fiber Ground Substance Location

1.2.3. Fibrocartilage no perichondrium Matrix thin, territorial appears wavy Fiber Ground substance Location pubic symphysis intervertebral discs meniscus of knees spine

1.3. Components

1.3.1. Perichondrium

1.3.2. Chondroblasts

1.3.3. Chrondrocytes

1.3.4. Matrix Territorial matrix Interterritorial matrix

1.4. Cartilage Growth

1.4.1. Interstitial

1.4.2. Appositional

2. Bone

2.1. Functions

2.1.1. support for soft tissues of body

2.1.2. provides sites for attachment of muscles an tendons

2.1.3. protects vital organs

2.1.4. encloses blood-forming elements in the bone marrow

2.1.5. storage of calcium and phosphate

2.2. Types

2.2.1. Based on organizational structure Compact/Dense/Cortical Bone Spongy/Cancellous/Trabecular/Soft Bone

2.2.2. based on morphological appearance flat long short irregular

2.3. Membranes

2.3.1. Periosteum

2.3.2. Endosteum

2.4. Cellular Components

2.4.1. Osteogenic cells

2.4.2. Osteoblasts

2.4.3. Osteocytes

2.4.4. Osteoclasts

2.5. Formation and Development (Ossification)

2.5.1. Intramembranous Ossification

2.5.2. Endochondral Ossification