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Small projects by Mind Map: Small projects

1. Project 1 Timeline or Slides 20 points

1.1. review sample ideas

1.2. view topics list

1.3. chat with group

1.4. decide on OWN topic

1.4.1. TURN in YOUR selection via form NO LATER than the Monday before your due date (arrow goes to course schedule.) Schedule

1.4.2. discuss with team how to help each other 1:1 pairings put a draft in the group discussion area and provide feedback or suggestions you'll need a timeline so you can make edits or corrections

1.5. create product

1.5.1. share with group via Google doc or group discussion board ( optional )

1.5.2. get feedback ( optional ) make changes Upload to instructor by 11:59 required due date for your group members

1.5.3. reflect on experience ( required )

1.5.4. write description to include with product

2. Project 2 Animated GIF or Infographic - 30 points

2.1. review sample ideas

2.1.1. create additional list of sample links Animated GIFs Infographics

2.2. generate topics list

2.2.1. using reading & watching materials and discussion with group

2.3. chat with group

2.3.1. decide on OWN topic

2.3.2. decide on Animated GIF or Infographic

2.4. create product

2.4.1. get feedback from group make changes ( as needed - your choice ) Upload to class discussion board by 11:59 of the due date for your group members

2.4.2. write description to include with product in class discussion board

2.5. read through peer review process

2.5.1. perform peer review on materials from other groups; see course schedule: Schedule