Students enter BA library

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Students enter BA library by Mind Map: Students enter BA library

1. Logs in reservation platform (shared with Ms. Zarah)

2. Individual work or Study group

2.1. Student uses laptop and textbook

3. with an inquiry driven by academic or research needs

3.1. Approaches Flynn

3.1.1. Flynn checks OPAC; locates book/source Recommends same author or related subject, topic and/or stories. Consults Ms. Zarah - Extension and Expansion of Inquiry; Online search and use of database subscriptions; guidance on authority and sourcing; referral to linkages and networks, resource persons, community resources

4. with inquiry to read for pleasure

4.1. Approaches Flynn

5. to chill, sleep, watch a video, play card games and video games

6. Uses OPAC

6.1. Locates the book or resource

6.1.1. Borrows through Flynn

6.1.2. If book us unavailable, Flynn recalls from circulation Flynn informs student when book or resource is available for him/her to borrow

6.2. Unable to locate the book or resource

6.2.1. Approaches Flynn

7. as a class to do research. Teacher reserved the reading area ahead of time

7.1. Flynn accepts reservation and will log the date, time, faculty in-charged also the students who will use the library.

7.2. Teacher informed Ms. Zarah of research topics.

7.2.1. Ms. Zarah prepares recommendations and provides them to students as needed.

7.3. Ms. Zarah provides library assisted research (but none has availed of this learning and teaching support service of the BA Library)

8. for Library skills, Research skills and/or Media and Information Literacy Skills session (previously planned and arranged with Teacher

8.1. Flynn accepts reservation

8.1.1. Logs in reservation platform

8.2. Ms. Zarah teaches MIL or research skills as indicated in the unit plan or ATL

8.2.1. Students' activity or output is a formative assessment Ms. Zarah sends reflections to Teacher on the session with students.

8.3. Ms. Zarah, as resource person, provides input on different formats of media, referencing, sourcing and evaluation of information (informed by unit plan or Teacher's activity for the session

8.3.1. Students' activity or output is a formative assessment or a research task