Discuss the influence & impact of teachers

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Discuss the influence & impact of teachers by Mind Map: Discuss the influence & impact of teachers

1. Andy

1.1. Character

1.1.1. Easily agitated When Bee Choo sneered at him, he shouted at her

1.1.2. Low self-esteem Gives up on himself easily Gives up on himself easily

1.1.3. Low motivation Has low intrinsic motivation

1.1.4. Is affected by Family Parents Sister Expectations of him Do they support or give him any guidance? How do they shape him? Peers/ Friends Expectations of him What kind of friends does he mix with What support.help can they give Andy? Are they aware of the problems Andy is facing? How do they shape/play a part in Andy's life? Himself Low self-esteem Learning ability Teacher- Ms Wong Her teaching Her scoldings

2. Ms Wong

2.1. Teaching Philosophy does not work for her students

2.1.1. She teaches her students by drilling them Methods Conducts tests for students Students have to repeatedly read out loud information Teaches with the traditional diagrams/charts Does not explain to students in details, encourages students to memorise the information that she gives

2.2. Character

2.2.1. Rude

2.2.2. Impatient She shouted at Andy, when he fails to answer simple questions

2.2.3. No mutual respect for students Singles out under-performers vs good-performers Bad effect Good effect

2.2.4. Expects students to conduct independent learning on their own She asks them to copy the diagram and go home to read the textbook for more details

2.2.5. No proper time management during classes Mentioned that there is no time and expects students read up on their own. However, she has time to scold Andy

2.2.6. She is not aware of her impact as a teacher on her students, not a good role model for students She used words like "shut your mouth up", and when Andy applies it, she scolds him

2.2.7. She does not have the passion to teach her students

2.2.8. She is not communicating effectively with her students She does not understand her students. For e.g. she does not understand why Andy could not answer simple questions.

3. Bee Choo

3.1. Character

3.1.1. Superority Complex

3.1.2. Arrogant She boosted to Andy about the stickers she had on her spelling book cover

3.1.3. Attention seeking Feels the need to be recognised

3.1.4. Does not have perspective taking Sneered at Andy by saying that he is going to faill