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The Crucible by Mind Map: The Crucible
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The Crucible

The Girls

Abigail Williams

the niece of reverend Parris   had an affair with John Proctor

Betty Parris

the daughter of reverend Parris danced in the woods

Susanna Walcott

Mercy Lewis

Ruth Putnam

the only surviving daughter of the Putnams

Mary Warren

house keeper for the Proctors

The Religious Folk

Reverend Parris

towns Reverend father of Betty Parris and uncle to Abigail Williams

Reverend Hale

came to town as a specialist in witchcraft

The Accused


John Proctor

Elizabeth Proctor


an old couple

Martha Corey

Giles Corey


Rebecca Nurse


a slave from Barbados well known for witchcraft

Sarah Good

a homeless woman always asking for food could not say the ten comandments

George Jacobs

The Court Folk


Judge Hathorne


jail guard


the towns talior working as the courts balif

Deputy Governor Danforth

A judge looking to get higher in the legal system with the hangins




Thomas Putnam

Ann Putnam

Francis Nurse