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The Crucible by Mind Map: The Crucible
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The Crucible

The Girls

Abigail Williams

The main girl who claims to have been involved in witchcraft. She accuses many people of being witches.  She has a thing for John Proctor and she hate Elizabeth Proctor

Betty Parris

Reverend Parris' daughter. She is probably the main reason that people were accused of witchcraft. She apparently was in some kind of spell that put her to sleep in the beginning of the play, this lead to the whole accusations.

Susanna Walcott

One of the accusers. She is also young.

Mercy Lewis

Friends with Betty Parris. She ran away with Betty towards the end of the play.

Ruth Putnam

Mary Warren

 Servent of the proctors. She goes back and forth from accusing to denying. She is easily persuaded.

The Religious Folk

Reverend Parris

The Reverend of the community, he is not liked by many. John Proctor hates him.

Reverend Hale

Brought to the town in order to seek out and destroy witchcraft. He feels that it is his fault all the people were hanged, even if they were innocent, or if they could have been brought to God.

The Accused





A slave from Barboada. She is the main reason the people believe in the witchcraft because she claims to be a witch and warped the mind of the girls.

Sarah Good

She is a homeless lady that is a prime example of someone who is easily accused and tried for being a witch.

George Jacobs

The Court Folk



He arrests the accused. He feels that he is helping the community and it his his given duty to help clean the city of witchcraft.


The scribe of the court. He Helps Hathrone and almost acts as an eye on the community. He tries to explain why certain people are doing the things they do.

Deputy Governor Danforth

Severely hates witches. He wants to hang everyone who will not confess.




Francis Nurse