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The Crucible by Mind Map: The Crucible
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The Crucible

The Girls

Abigail Williams

Major character. Villain of the play. Orphan girl and unmarried. Neice of reverend proctor and taken in by him. Worked for John and Elizabeth Proctor. Elizabeth dismissed her. Had an affair with John Proctor. Very deceiful and a good liar. Seeks revenge for those that scorned her of rumors of her affair by accusing people. Her revenge is based on sexual desire, lust, and power. she has control over the other girls and authority to make them to what she wants.

Betty Parris

daughter of Parris. she is ten years old. she falls into a strange sickness that the doctor cannot diagnose except to look to unnatural causes. she falls sick after Parris found ger and other girls dancing in the woods with Tituba. her sickness creates the first rumors of witchcraft.

Susanna Walcott

plays along with the witchcraft hysteria with the other girls. she is a tense and nervous. enjoys all the attention she and the other girls get from the accusations.

Mercy Lewis

she is another young girl. a servant in the Putnam's house. also is part of Abigail's accusing of witchcraft group. danced in the woods at midnight with the other girls. she is merciless.

Ruth Putnam

daughter of Thomas and Ann Putnam. she is the only child of the 7 that died. she was seen by Parris along with the other girls dancing in the woods at midnight.

Mary Warren

works at John and Elizabeth Proctor's house as a servant. she is very shy and does not talk a lot. she is part og the girls who were dancing in the woods with Abigail. once she is part of the court, she tells the Protors not to have authority over her. she confesses everything was a pretense and sides with John Proctor but the refuses and accuses John Proctor as the devil's man.

The Religious Folk

Reverend Parris

Man with the golden candle sticks. He is the unhonorable leader of the church in Salem. He lies to save his reputation in the town. he is Abigail's uncle. he is more worried about saving his reputation.

Reverend Hale

He is a withcrafe expert and is brought into town to examine Betty. commited Christian and hater of withcfaft. He later regrets trying to save the accused.

The Accused





slave from Barbados of Reverend Parris. she knows about witchcraft. she is caught dancing with the girls by Parris. she confesses to witchcraft but is protected by the church because she is given an ultiman.

Sarah Good

crazy and ragged old woman living in the edges of the town. although shs is quite old, she is thought to be pregnant.

George Jacobs

accused of witchcraft. farmer in Salem. not very outspoken. Putnam is accused of prompting his daughter to  accuse Jacobs because Putnam is the only man that can buy his land if he is hanged.

The Court Folk



participates in the questioning of the accuses. he respects the towns people, treats them well, and follows the law carefully. he represents the softer sideof the law.


tailor and clerk at the court. sees his jod as a holy job. he is officious yet at the same time fearful. he discovers the poppet Mary Warren gave to Elizabeth Proctor. he thinks the needle he found means that Elizabeth is doing witchcraft that has affected  Abigail.

Deputy Governor Danforth

 main judge in the court. very sphisticated. the evidence he is presented that Proctor and the others are innocent, he ignores. he does not want to show mercy or postpone the hangings because he thinks it will reflect badly on him. he believes the girls because they are virgins and innocent. his position and power blind him from the truth.


the jailor of the court.



Francis Nurse

He is the enemy of thomas Putnam and also his wife. He is a wealthy man and is respected throughout the city. hard-working and honest member in the  town.